The story of us

We are an SAP and IT recruitment agency that provides our clients with SAP and IT consultants for both projects and positions

We are proud to be both clients and consultants' recruitment partner on SAP and IT, and we want to maintain our position as one of the leading recruitment agencies in the industry.

We want to know you

For our customers, this means that we want to understand the spirit of your business - the culture that defines you. Therefore, you will find that we are onsite so we can get to know you. Once we know and understand your business, we have the best prerequisites for finding you the best matches.

For our consultants, this means that we are in continuous contact - both when you are on a project but also when you are not. We see and understand your talent, and we work hard to find and match you with the right projects that are relevant to you.

Our values

We have a great name, even though it does not sound like anything that has to do with recruiting. Accuro is Latin and means to take care of and to handle with care. These values impact our entire way of working, but also the way we treat clients and consultants.

We try to live up to our name every day. You will therefor learn that we are at eye level, straight forward, thorough and in touch with our clients and consultants. At our office there is a lot of laughter and a positive spirit, and this is also how we all are in our relations with both clients and consultants.

Our values are also reflected in our logo. The O symbolizes both a target with a bullseye, which refers to the fact that we hit the spot when we recruit. At the same time, it symbolizes the concept of closeness that is unique to Accuro, and this is what sets us apart from other recruitment agencies. We take care of our professional relationships and this is the foundation of our business.

Accuro is much more than a link between projects and candidates. We are clients’ and consultants’ SAP and IT recruitment partner. We commit to this and are really proud to call us their partner in recruiting.

Our story

On September 1st, 2003, Svend Ørum founded Accuro. At that time, Accuro worked only within SAP, and our staff consisted of in-house SAP consultants, which were placed on different projects, primarily in Denmark and Scandinavia. The focus was on SAP FICO (finance and controlling) as well as management reporting and project management. Back then, we were headquartered in Sluseholmen in Copenhagen, and had a small office in Kolding. In April 2009, the team consisted of 15 permanent SAP consultants and 3 partners, all of whom were extremely busy.

Like all other industries, the SAP and IT industries were also hit by the economic crisis in 2009. Projects that were about to start up were postponed several times and subsequently canceled.

In 2010, Svend Ørum and team Accuro succeeded in placing six freelance consultants at Rockwool. That became the starting point for Accuro as we are known today - namely as a freelance recruitment agency. In 2013 we moved to Frederiksberg, and our main focus was on SAP.

In 2015, we began to match IT consultants with projects with Project Management, Test Management etc. To date, IT makes up fifty percent of our business. In 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 we have been awarded with the Danish Børsen Gazelle award.

In 2018, we launched a new business strategy. Today we are proud to call us the clients’ and consultants’ SAP and IT recruiting partner as we offer them a full palette of recruiting services. We can be both the clients’ and consultants’ single point of contact within recruiting from Freelance to Search & Selection over Nearshoring. We are incredibly proud to be their recruitment partner, and we work hard every day to live up to this commitment.

Today, Accuro consists of a team of dedicated employees, each of whom is passionate about their field. With great personal commitment, they each make a difference for both clients and consultants.

Svend Ørum, CEO & Owner

One can hardly think of Accuro without also thinking Svend Ørum, because the two are inextricably linked.

Svend is the CEO and owner of Accuro, which he founded in 2003. He has over 22 years of experience within SAP, working as a specialist within SAP FICO and as a solution architect on major financial and logistics projects.

Svend’s reference list on SAP projects is huge, and he has taught SAP in both Scandinavia and Europe. Over the years, Svend has built up an extensive network of SAP and IT consultants, as well as companies seeking SAP and IT consulting.

Svend is a trusted and loyal business partner for both clients and consultants.

He has a background as a civil engineer from Aalborg University (M.Sc. Cand. Polyt. in Management Systems- Industrial Production and Management), and before that, Svend worked as a Mainframe developer.

At the office Svend is known for his impeccable work ethic, infectious and warm laughter and his good humor.

Meet our employees

Svend Ørum

CEO & Owner
(+45) 4097 2064

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