We recruit top professional SAP and IT specialists to permanent positions with our many good clients. Our mission is clear: We will maintain our position as consultants, candidates and clients' preferred recruitment agency.

For us, good relationships and close and personal cooperation are essential. We want to get to know you - we want to see and understand your talent. The better we know you, the best we can match you with the right position.

You will, therefore, find that we are welcoming, at eye level and careful. We are deeply dedicated to everything we do, and as your recruiting partner, we are committed to always keeping your interests in mind.

Therefore, we also dedicate the same person, or the same team, to each recruitment process. In other words, it is always the same contact person from Accuro that you want to be in dialogue with. This ensures security and discretion in the hiring process.

A strong network

Over the years, we have built a strong SAP and IT-specific customer network. We have, among other things, by virtue of our more than 20 years of experience at SAP. We partner with some of the key companies in the industry who are constantly looking for new key employees and we are constantly on the lookout for sharp profiles.

For us, unity and a strong professional network are important. Therefore, you will be constantly invited to a variety of events, events as well as go home and good morning meetings. Both those with professional content, but also the social.

You easily sign up for the events that are interesting for you to attend.

Senior Recruitment Manager,

Abeer Almas

(+45) 5230 6513

Mantas Andriekus
Senior SAP PM Specialist, DSB

Accuro pays constant attention to possible improvements in their form of business and conduct. Their approach and down-to-earth philosophy helps build trust and win-win situations.

Meet our employees

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CEO & Owner

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