All recruitment processes are different, but we have nevertheless tried to list the process to give you an idea on how we match you with relevant positions. We hope that this will give you an overview of the flow that you will be a part of in a potential recruitment process.

This is how we match you with a relevant position

  • 1

    We find you or you apply

    When we get a new vacant position, we start searching for relevant matches in our database and afterwards on social media, especially LinkedIn. We also check the candidates who have applied online.

  • 2

    You send us your CV

    It is of highest importance to us that we find the best match possible for a vacant job. Therefore, we have several preliminary dialogues with you, where we talk about the position, about the company and culture that you potentially become part of, and how your skills and experiences match in relation to this.

  • 3

    Interview with Accuro

    Once we have discovered that your experience and competencies match the requirements of the position, we invite you to a first interview with Accuro. The purpose of this meeting is to get to know you and your talent.

  • 4


    We will always have a field of candidates for the same position, and once we have held the first interview with all of you, we will select the strongest profiles to advance in the recruitment process. We present these candidates to the client, who then selects one or two profiles for an interview.

  • 5

    Interview with the client

    It is important that you meet your potential employer and colleagues. In an interview with the company you will get an impression of the culture that defines the company. Yu will also get a sense of whether there is chemistry between you and potential leaders and colleagues.

  • 6

    Test (if neccesary)

    If the company wants to test the candidate’s personality, Accuro will be responsible for this. You will receive the test by e-mail, and you will take the test at home. Once we have the results of your test, we invite you to a thorough review of your profile.

  • 7


    Prior to an offer of employment with the company, we always check your references. We do this to make sure that you match the position and to hear from former managers what you are like as a colleague.

  • 8


    If you are offered the position, we also assist with getting the contract and formalities in place.

  • 9


    When you start your new job, we will be on the sidelines to guarantee that you get the best start possible. You will hear from us a few times after start-up, where we will follow up on how things are going and how you are doing in your new job.