Sune Slemming - DOVISTA -
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DOVISTA uses in large scale external vendors to implement their IT solutions, but have especially used Accuro, when there internally has been the need for special skills or to scale up.

Accuro has been skilled to quickly and fairly precisely to deliver candidates that matched our wishes. To hire freelance consultants, is the alternative to hire permanently – and therefore, of course it is absolutely essential that we can recoup our needs both in the short and long term.
There are many technically skilled IT freelancers in circulation, but there are two absolutely essential things that we want, that our IT freelancers must possess in addition to professional expertise: They should be good consultants, and they must be able to communicate and put the right solution in use.
– The professional ballast is of course important, but it is also important to us that our freelancers are constructive and good facilitators, and that they have the courage to engage in the teamwork and take responsibility for creating the absolute best solution in the long run.

– A consulting firm that Accuro, conveys many senior consultants, must make high demands on their candidates. They need to guarantee the professional expertise and ensure that the consultant has the experience and the ability to quickly put into the business to create solutions with added value.
– Proficient freelancers must not only be able to see what creates value for DOVISTA – they must also understand the needs of our customers and “think beyond”. That is why the professional weight is important. When we hire freelancers, who will act on our side of the table, I must have the confidence that they can solve the task.
– The human qualities are also important, because most of what we are doing, is changing the business in one way or another and changes processes and solutions. Therefore, we also need that our IT-freelancers possess empathy and the ability to communicate at an eye level.

– We have no particular preferences in regards to age when we cooperate with IT-freelancers. But we’ can’t avoiding saying, that we prefer to hire talented IT people with a wide experience beyond their technical competencies.

– When we once in a while run out of resources, we often have a very specific here-and-now-need. And it requires experience at all levels to be able to solve such a task quickly and accurately. That is why the IT-freelancespecialists we engage in, for the most part are experienced senior consultants.

Trust and accountability are the cornerstones of a good collaboration
When we choose to work with a consultancy, it isn’t just to save time but also to ensure that the dissemination of the candidates meet our needs all the way around.
– In cooperation with Accuro, we have always had an honest talk about where we are in the process, what level the IT-consultant should have, and the difficulty of the task. Afterwards, Accuros consultant has taken over and selected the candidates for us.
– Accuros starting point to be able to deliver candidates with the right profile to DOVISTA’s tasks have their basis in the consulting firm’s extensive knowledge of IT and SAP technology, combined with a thorough knowledge of their portfolio of freelancespecialists. Accuros consultants have quickly understood our needs and specific business goals, and has each time early on in the process been pro-active in relation to specific solutions.
Immediately there is an important quality assurance for us, which gives an extra trust in the cooperation. For us, it means so much, that we don’t even need to use the time to explore the market, when we know that Accuro can deliver the goods.