Søren Kirch - Accuro.dk
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Freelance senior consultant Søren Kirch is hired by Accuro as business driver for a large freelance assignment for Nordea in Stockholm

For the past nine years, Søren Kirch has been running his own consultancy, Kirch Consult. In parallel with this, he has for the past 3-4 years taken on assignments from consultancies in his network, most recently from Accuro.

High-quality freelance consultants with broad experience
– Accuro sets high standards for the quality and competences of their freelance consultants. They attach great importance to the fact that the consultants they recommend share Accuro’s basic values, which are based on meticulousness, trust and respect for value-adding solutions in every single assignment.
– These values resonate with my own, and I fully support them in my own work. When you are in a narrow niche, as we freelancers are, it’s vitally important to always do your best.
– Of course it’s also about the nature of the assignment – how interesting it is. And I really like the fact that Accuro always tries to match my own level of ambition when we are sorting together.

The personal aspect of collaboration
– When we’re talking about freelance agencies, it’s important for me to be able to work with people with whom I function well, and for an agency that has a pipeline of assignments.
– Even though Accuro is highly professional and sets high standards for the quality and competences of their freelance consultants, they have a very personal approach to collaboration. This sets them apart from other agencies. At Accuro you get the kind of attention that freelancers often need. I like that.
– I don’t know if it has anything to do with Accuro’s size, but it suits me that everyone knows everyone else on a first-name basis. This not only results in a valuable dialogue that is personal and direct, it also means that a placement in a new assignment can happen with greater speed and efficiency.

– I have a good relationship with Accuro, and I expect much of them. As an experienced senior consultant, I have several specialist tracks that I can work with. I also have a very strong professional compass, so I rarely end up just delivering the assignment for which I happened to be hired.