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Collaboration with Accuro provided new knowledge and created extra value

IT project manager Karsten Svendsen of Wavin Denmark was about to implement a challenging rollout in the company’s Scandinavian divisions of a standard SAP template from Wavin’s main office in The Netherlands. By working with senior IT consultants from Accuro, he was able to create a coherent project at every level.

As IT project manager, one of the big responsibilities is to put together the right teams for each project assignment. At Wavin, we have always used freelancers from large IT consultancies, but with this particular SAP rollout project there were none of our usual agencies that could advise us about the kind of specialists we needed.

– We were embarking on a complicated rollout project for which a deadline was set and everything was scheduled and budgeted beforehand. So I went to Accuro, initially to define the entire project so that we afterwards could decide which kinds of consultants we needed on the team in order to effectively staff Wavin’s rollout project in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The big challenge
– Technically and creatively, it was a challenge to work within the framework of a fixed, older SAP template developed for Wavin’s main office and created without regard for the possibility of an international rollout at a later date. But it was perhaps an even bigger challenge to create a successful rollout process that took into account the fact that the business models, way-to-market and production in the various countries were not necessarily suited to the main-office template.
– At the personal level, it was also a balancing act to bring in freelance IT specialists with fresh viewpoints, new knowledge and a completely new palette of solutions, and then get the Wavin Group’s SAP rollout team – whose goal was to implement the system that they themselves had developed – to work effectively with them. Two different cultures with differing goals. This places great demands on the ability of our freelance consultants to collaborate on the art of the possible rather than freely being able to develop out-of-the-box solutions. But they succeeded really well.

Business understanding and a high level of quality
– Accuro’s freelance consultants stepped into an arena in which they basically had to cover the entire breadth of the project while at the same time acting as SAP specialists. They were good people who actually managed to jump into an onboarding project and within just a few weeks be able to cope with the rollout process and successfully integrate our business model with that of the main office, while at the same time being able to create a good basis for collaboration.

– For me it was not only important that Accuro’s freelance consultants were experienced and could quickly understand the business model and provide new perspectives and solution options – a third eye – with regard to our business needs and the Wavin Group template. It was also important that the process really added value to the business in connection with the coordinated rollout. Accuro’s freelance consultants succeeded on every count.

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