Jeanette Bech Naeslund -
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The world of IT is a changeable industry. So it feels good to collaborate with a consultancy that really knows its business.

Accuro is not just any IT consultancy. I would give them five stars out of five. They are more grounded and structured than other places I’ve worked.
There’s a special serenity and positive atmosphere here that is part of their very personal style. They are top-grade professionals, really proficient within their field, and they set very high standards of quality for their consultants. At the same time, they are very family-like and inclusive. It’s a professional relationship that is tremendously inspiring – a kind of freedom that also instills a sense of responsibility. You feel recognised; being with them is really a win-win feeling.

My view is that Accuro is the perfect collaboration partner for freelance consultants who want more than just to be hired out to the lowest bidder on a first-come, first-served basis.
I think Accuro is looking for a sense of responsibility in the freelancers they choose to offer their customers. The consultants are the face of Accuro when they are out on a project assignment, so it’s not just about being professionally well-founded – that goes without saying. It’s equally about becoming a natural part of a collaboration and having an eye for the customer’s real-world needs. And of course also about trying to be a good ambassador for Accuro.