Henrik Liliendahl - Accuro.dk
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Takeda Pharma chooses senior consultant Henrik Liliendahl to take on a large SAP MDM assignment. Accuro arranged the contact quickly and effectively.

Henrik Liliendahl runs his own consulting business, Liliendahl.com, in addition to taking on freelance assignments via his network, which includes Accuro

It is important to Accuro that the specialists they recommend to their customers can deliver value-creating solutions that focus on customer needs.
– This is a basic principle that I share with Accuro and which I always employ, regardless of the nature or size of the assignment. I find it exciting to be able to spot the business challenges and find solutions that respect the IT landscape in which I find myself.
– When one is hired as a specialist for a company like Takeda Pharma, it is of course important to provide a solution that is technically perfect. But I completely agree with Accuro’s position as to the importance of also spotting possibilities for future development – or spotting problem areas, for that matter – and then delivering a solution that maintains its focus on the customer’s business goals. In other words, creating added value for the customer.  This succeeded perfectly in the Takeda collaboration, and it resulted in several extensions of my contract.

Collaboration and personal commitment
– Accuro is highly professional, but at the same time they have a very personal collaboration style. I like that. I see Accuro as a down-to-earth agency that is committed to and interested in its freelance consultants. It is my clear impression that Accuro spends a lot of time and energy screening and matching their freelance consultants to assignments that are professionally interesting, challenging and therefore suited to the consultants’ core competences. In my case, the assignment was a 100% match to my competences. In addition, Accuro’s people are SAP specialists who know their stuff, a fact that I find stimulating as a consultant. On a human level, Accuro is good at staying in touch, even after an assignment has been completed.  There are plenty of people in the recruiting business who just disappear after an assignment is over, so it’s a pleasure to see that Accuro remains in contact.
– As a freelance consultant, there can be no doubt as to what it means to feel seen and heard and regarded as part of the agency team, and I was impressed by the Accuro consultants’ dedication to resolving a given situation to the satisfaction of everyone – the customer, the freelance consultant and the agency. It has certainly affected my own commitment to them.
– There are a lot of agencies out there, and I hope that in future Accuro will continue to uphold its high, professional standards.