Mantas Andriekus

Senior SAP PM Specialist, DSB

Accuro pays constant attention to possible improvements in their form of business and conduct. Their approach and down-to-earth philosophy helps build trust and win-win situations.

Mantas Andriekus – senior SAP PM freelance consultant – was able to accept a challenging DSB project position in Denmark while living in Scotland. Accuro made it all fit together.

Browsing the internet for interesting positions I found the Danish agency, Accuro, looking for an experienced SAP PM consultant for a project position with DSB in Denmark. At first it seemed too complicated and out of reach, but a conversation on the phone and a pre-interview with Accuro generated sufficient momentum in moving forward with the opportunity.

– Accuro is not like any other freelance agency. They excel within their market and take a true interest in developing efficient relationships with consultants they hire – both professionally and personally. Accuro made it possible for me to maintain my private life in Aberdeen whilst working in Copenhagen four days a week – a good solution with optimal balance between home and away time.

– When you live in one country and work in another, it is naturally a big challenge getting your personal life, logistics and all the practical issues including accommodation to work. Accuro’s people supported me from start to finish. To me it certainly demonstrates a sincere attitude and involvement that Accuro show their freelance consultants.

Simple and straight forward business

– The hiring process went swiftly and efficiently. Accuro interviewed me and were very friendly and open minded. The interview was a good screening, verifying skills with a professional approach. Soon after Accuro set up an interview with responsible persons at DSB. There was a good match between my skills and their needs that initiated a new relationship. Overall, a very positive experience.

– Svend Ørum, Accuro’s CEO, explained to me, that it was important for them to have positive standing through their consultants work as their freelance consultants are both the company’s clients and ambassadors. Therefore, Accuro place significant importance in understanding customers’ requirements to assess the exact profile for a potential consultant before publishing a vacant position. Equally they perform a thorough screening and pre-interview of the potential candidates to make a pre-match as close to perfect as possible. Their approach and down-to-earth attitude certainly build trust and win-win results.

– “Accuro is not perfect, but we strive to be”, Svend Ørum has told me. For this reason, it’s my clear impression, that the people at Accuro have constant attention on possible improvements in their form of business and conduct, in order to progress from what they learn from each hiring case.

– I was offered a perfect job match for both my skills and my ambitions. Business objectives at DSB are very challenging and are exactly where I thrive. I love challenging projects, teamwork and the latest technologies, and with DSB I got it all. The S/4 HANA project means that I am able to leverage the latest SAP technology to deliver optimal solutions to support various business processes that will ultimately ensure timely maintenance processes to support an efficient business operation.

To support this delivery, the atmosphere at DSB is friendly and informal allowing for a more productive atmosphere to maintain good communication between various disciplines. My weekly flight to Copenhagen is a positive experience knowing that another week is on the cards of working with highly skilled DSB colleagues.

– I’d like to extend my gratitude to Accuro for making this match. I do hope the people at Accuro will keep doing, what they are doing. In my eyes the key factor is never to lose that personal touch. And if I in the future should be looking for another position, I will most certainly consult Accuro again.