Jørgen Brøndum

Senior Advisor and External Program Manager

The success criteria is that I have the right people on board, that they work well in the culture and that the delivery conditions are met. Accuro's consultants did just that.

As external program manager in Copenhagen municipality Jørgen Brøndum chose to replace the old team of consultants with a strong team of four external consultants from Accuro.

An exciting task

Jørgen Brøndum runs his own company, Delta Management Network, where he is Senior Advisor and Program Manager. Jørgen is a specialist in organizational implementation of ERP systems, and one of his strengths is change management.

- I was appointed as External Program Manager in the Municipality of Copenhagen's Technical and Environmental Management in autumn 2017 in connection with the completion of a comprehensive SAP implementation. The system ties together procurement, maintenance and common service areas within the municipality. I had the overall responsibility for completing the ongoing plans with a tight deadline by the end of 2018. The delivery time was agreed to 12 months, but the project was successfully completed at half time with a team of four senior consultants from Accuro.

- At the turn of the year I chose to set up a new freelance team for the project due to the project's finances and time horizon. I approached Accuro, who has strong senior SAP profiles. Also I knew that Accuro emphasizes that their freelance consultants can not only provide solutions that focus on customer needs, but also see future development opportunities and issues that keep the client's business goals in mind.

- For me it was crucial to put together a team that could quickly see the technical challenges and find solutions with respect for the municipality's overall IT landscape. It succeeded beyond all expectation.

The right people on board

- The decision to use freelance consultants from Accuro was just right. At very short notice, Accuro provided four perfect profiles according to my wishes and criteria. It was a pleasure working with such competent people on the team. And it was especially a pleasure that after six months we were able to complete the project - well within the budget.