Jeanette Bech Naeslund


Accuro is top professional in all areas and I am proud to be their ambassador when I am on duty for them.

The IT world is a changing industry. Therefore, it is safe to work with a consulting house that is really well-founded in its field.

Accuro is not any IT consultancy. I give them five stars out of five possible. They are more down to earth and structured than anywhere else I've worked.
There is a special calm and positive atmosphere that originates from their very personal style. They are top professional, super skilled in their field and set high quality requirements for their freelance consultants. At the same time, they are very familiar and inclusive. It is a professional relationship that is both extremely inspiring, free and at the same time responsible. You feel seen and really have a win-win feeling with them.

From my point of view, Accuro is the right partner for freelance consultants, who will do something more than just be hired out according to the lowest-bidding first-come, first-served principle.
I feel that Accuro is seeking the responsibility of the freelancers they select and offer their customers. The consultants are Accuro's external face when they are out on project assignments, and therefore it is not just about being professionally skilled - it gives itself - but just as much about being able to enter naturally into a collaboration and having a look at the customer's reality and needs . And then of course try to be a good ambassador for Accuro.