Henrik Liliendahl

Senior Consultant & CEO, Liliendahl.com

There are many good IT consulting houses in Denmark, but Accuro has a special look to keep the customer's business goals in mind. They go deeper into the spade to ensure the customer the right solution and for everyone's best.

Henrik Liliendahl runs his own consulting company Liliendahl.com in addition to taking on freelance assignments through his network, including Accuro.

- Accuro emphasizes that the specialists they recommend to their customers can provide value-creating solutions that focus on the customer's needs. It is a basic attitude that I share with Accuro and practice whatever the nature and size of a task. I think it is exciting to be able to see the business challenges and find solutions that respect the IT landscape that is ahead of one.

- When hiring as a specialist for a company like Takeda Pharma, it is of course important to solve the task perfectly at the technical level. But I am also fully in line with Accuro's attitude to the importance of being able to see future development opportunities and for that matter also issues and then delivering a solution that keeps the customer's business goals in mind. So create added value for the customer. It succeeded perfectly in the collaboration with Takeda Pharma, which resulted in my contract being extended several times.

The personal commitment to the collaboration

- Accuro is extremely professional, but they also have a very personal form of cooperation. And I like that. I experience Accuro as an agency that has both legs on the ground and who are committed and interested in their freelance consultants. I have a clear impression that Accuro also devotes a lot of energy to screening and matching tasks to their freelance consultants, who are professionally interesting and challenging, and thus fit the consultants' core competencies. For me, the task and my competences matched 100%. And then Accuro's people are SAP specialists and can hug them, and it's definitely stimulating for me as a consultant. On the soft side, Accuro is good at keeping in touch - even after a task is completed. There are many in the recruitment industry that just disappear when the job is solved, so it is a pleasure that Accuro keeps the connection up to date.

- There is no doubt that it means a lot as a freelance consultant feels heard and seen and on the team with the agency, and it has made an impression on me to experience Accuro's consultants' willingness to solve a situation for everyone's best. Both the customer, the freelance consultant and the middle partner. That means a lot to my engagement the other way.

- There are many agencies out there, and I hope Accuro keeps keeping their professional tabs as high in the future.