Personal Data Policy -
Personal data terms in Accuro
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Personal Data Policy in Accuro ApS


Our customers and their need for the best consultants on the market are the heart of Accuro’s business.

Accuro has therefore built up an extensive network database from which we choose our candidates for the assignments we receive.

We process personal data so that we can offer the perfect match between customer needs and the experience, competences, etc. of our consultants.

How we process your personal information

If you are a consultant:

  • we collect your personal data when you either send it to us or type your information into our home page and attach a CV
  • we match your profile to an assignment with one of our customers/prospective customers
  • we send your profile to customers/prospective customers by previous agreement with you
  • you will receive feedback from customers/prospective customers
  • we may send you job postings, newsletters, course offerings, etc.

If you are a customer/prospective customer:

  • we collect your personal data and dialogues when you contact us or when we contact you.
  • we send you sales and marketing materials and newsletters if you have actively chosen this option
  • we send you candidates for job postings if you wish Accuro to contribute candidates

Deletion/retention of your data

If you are a consultant:

  • Accuro retains your information until you no longer wish Accuro to refer you to our Customers/Prospective Customers and/or Accuro no longer has any legitimate grounds for retention. You can send a request for deletion via the email address that is registered in our database.
  • Accuro will send you an email twice a year which gives you the opportunity to update your data or to be deleted from Accuro’s systems.
  • Deletion of your information takes place to the extent that it is not in conflict with the Accounting Act or other legislation.

If you are a customer/prospective customer:

  • Accuro retains your information as long as you are regarded as a customer/a relevant prospective customer.
  • To the extent that it is not in conflict with the Accounting Act or other legislation, Accuro will then delete information that is not required by this law. We strive to delete (or make anonymous) personal information that no longer fulfils the purpose for which it was collected. We will, however, always retain this information for at least 5 years in accordance with the Accounting Act.

Your rights according to personal data regulations

With respect to our processing of your personal information, you have the right to see this information, to correct inaccuracies, to delete your personal information, and to object to the use of your personal information for direct marketing. You also have the right to move your personal information (data portability).

All the above rights are dealt with manually by contacting our personal information manager.

We may refuse requests that are unreasonably repetitive, require an unreasonable amount of technical intervention (e.g. developing a new system or making substantial changes to existing practice), affect the protection of others’ personal information, or involve something extremely impractical (e.g. requests for information that exists in the form of backup copies).

You have the right to lodge a complaint at any time to the Danish Data Protection Agency (

Information that we share

We do not share personal information with businesses, organisations or individuals except in the following cases:

  • With your permission

We share personal information with businesses, organisations or individuals outside of Accuro if we have your permission to do so. We request permission each time we want to send you. We always require active consent to the sharing of any personal data.

  • For external data processing

We share personal data with our collaboration partners or other trusted businesses or persons who process these data for us. Their processing takes place as per our instructions and in accordance with our information security policy and other applicable initiatives on confidentiality and security – for example, our data processor agreement.

  • For legal reasons

To comply with applicable laws, regulations, legal actions or legally binding requests from public authorities.

Information security

We exclusively use standard systems delivered from the cloud solutions of businesses that hold recognised declarations on information security from independent third parties or certifications of information security.

We protect information against unauthorised access, changes, publication or destruction of personal data that we store on PCs, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

We have implemented the following organisational and technical protections for these devices:

  • Antivirus protection on all devices that process personal data.
  • Personal information stored on devices is synced to cloud solutions
  • Restricted access to personal information, so that access is granted only when necessary
  • Data processing agreements with suppliers who process personal information on behalf of Accuro.

Compliance and cooperation with regulatory agencies

We regularly check to ensure that we comply with our own personal data policy

We cooperate with relevant legislative authorities such as the Danish Data Protection Agency to resolve complaints about the transfer of personal data that we cannot resolve directly with you.


Our personal data policy may change from time to time. Any changes to this personal data policy will be noted on this page, and if any substantial changes are made, we will ensure notification in a more visible way (for some services, we inform about changes via email).

Personal Data Policy responsible
Camilla Steensgaard
Mobile: (+45) 5230 1648