Svend Ørum, CEO and partner -
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At Accuro we have room for a relaxed and personal approach to consultants and customers. And what they see of us at Accuro is exactly what they get.

One of the most important tasks for Accuro as a consultancy is to create value for our customers. And one of the ways we do this is by quickly finding high-quality freelance consultants with the professional and social competences needed by the customer. It’s essential that we create value for our customers by sending them profiles that match the competences they seek.

Accuro means meticulous performance
We are known for being well-ordered, energetic, flexible and extremely quality-conscious in everything we do. This is not just a smart slogan. We take care with everything we deliver to our customers. And we deliver only freelance consultants and solutions that we can vouch for. We have a good reputation that stems from our energy and meticulousness, and we do everything with painstaking care.

At first glance, Accuro is not so different from most other consultancies. But we are very different from the others. We are more authentic, and we have the time and the space for a relaxed and personal approach to both consultants and customers. What they meet at Accuro is us – exactly as we are. Perhaps this is the reason why we are so exceptionally good at building long-term relationships with our customers and freelance consultants.

Good collaboration doesn’t come of itself
The basis for our long-term relationships is especially about trust and the collaborative culture that we at Accuro create together with our customers and our freelance consultants.
Time is an important factor for everyone – not least our customers – so as a consultancy we must first of all understand our assignment completely before we contact our freelance consultants. Then we always try to have an open dialogue about the assignment with those whom we believe could be a match for the job.

We are very serious about the need for trust between us, our freelance consultants and our customers. At Accuro we are not just brokers. I definitely feel that many consultants are partial to us because they see us as open, honest and focused on making sure that the assignments we offer are matched to their professional and personal profiles. The same is true of our customer relationships. Without trust we have no business!

We continuously try to become better at what we do. We believe we do a great many things really well – but we can always become better. The world is constantly changing, and we, too, need to change for the better.