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Dec 2019

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays and warm wishes for the new year.

Kind regards,


Svend, Abeer, Celeste, Finlay, Mario, Claus, Camilla Bundgaard, Jesper, Camilla Nøhr and Josefine.

Nov 2019

Thanks for a lovely Christmas and networking dinner

Last Friday Christmas begun at Accuro. At Restaurant Palægade in Copenhagen we had a nice Christmas and networking dinner for some of our Danish freelance consultants - and what a wonderful evening.

It was one of those special evenings that offered delicious and well prepared Christmas food, nice people and good service in cozy surroundings at Restaurant Palægade. The evening went way too fast, yes it actually flew by, as it does when you enjoy yourself. Thank you to everyone who participated for your good Christmas spirit and your wonderful company. We are all in the best holiday mood after such a successful evening.

Nov 2019

Go home meeting on ITIL4 gives new insights

Monday we teamed up with Johnny Jensen from Peopleteam, who is kind of a guru within ITIL. With an informative and inspirational presentation, good energy and an evaluation among the participating consultants giving us a score of 9 out of 10, this event was a huge success!

ITIL's newest version 4 has only been on the market for eight months so this version is new to most of us. ITIL is still a common language for IT professionals, but ITIL 4 provides information on all the new initiatives that thousands of organizations have experienced as good practice in developing and managing value-creating digital services for users and customers.

ITIL 4 is a comprehensive development of version 3, providing a much more practical and flexible basis for the organization's digital transformation. ITIL 4 contributes to an operational and end-to-end digital model for the delivery and operation of products and IT services. ITIL 4 enables the IT department to play a bigger role in the business strategy. In addition, ITIL 4 also provides an overall end-to-end perspective that integrates both agile development, DevOps and Lean IT.

Within 3 hours on a Monday afternoon, we all gained a lot of insight on ITIL's latest version. Thanks again to Johnny Jensen for a great presentation. And we promise that we will scheduele another meeting on ITIL4 as well as other interesting topics in the new year. Therefore, keep an eye on upcoming events here on the site. If your CV is already in our CV bank, you will automatically receive invitations to our events directly in your mailbox.

Oct 2019

Successful CV event for our freelance consultants

Once again Accuro hosted another successful CV event. This is how one of the participants describes the event: "I got far more out of my participation then expected. Thanks Accuro for a great meeting."

On Thursday we focused on how to compose a good freelance CV. Our CEO, Svend Ørum gave a presentation on what elements a freelance CV should contain, and how to focus on the common thread in the resume. The consultants gained a lot of knowledge about how both recruitment agencies, the end customer and stakeholders read a resume and also how they evaluate the candidate based on key word searches.

The second part of the event was speed dating. Accuro's team of recruitment specialists dated the participants' resumes one by one. Each participant received advice on their personal resume focusing on the improvement potentials.

Thank you to all participants for your dedication, curiosity and good spirit!

Sep 2019

Launch of our brand-new website

Welcome to Accuro's new digital universe. It has been a milestone for us to reach this point, and we are thrilled that we are live with a whole new platform.

The goal has been to create a user-friendly and relevant website where you as a visitor are presented with content that is relevant. Whether you are a customer, consultant or candidate time is precious, therefore we have made the site as uncomplicated and concise as possible. We sincerely hope you enjoy our new virtual “home”.


Aug 2019

Accuro runs DHL with our freelance consultants

DHL has over the years become a tradition for Accuro, and we all look forward to a cozy and active afternoon and evening in the best company with our freelance consultants.

Accuro's four running teams and two walk teams set out on a wonderful 5 km route through Fælledparken in Copenhagen. It was a wonderful trip full of eager cheers and fun activities along the route. Afterwards we enjoyed delicious barbecue, cold drinks and a lot of networking. Thank you to all the consultants for your participation - it was great to see you.

Jun 2019

Accuro advises Danish freelance consultants on creating sharper and more competitive resumes

The event on resumes and was a huge success among the attendees.

We realize that composing a resume is a challenging task for most people, especially freelance consultants who change their workplace every time a project has ended. With our years of experience perusing and choosing resumes, we presented what we believe is a desirable CV. The participants got a lot of good advice and insider knowledge on how to improve their resumes.

The afternoon also offered “CV-speed dating,” wherein participants each received personalized advice on improving their resumes.

Attendee Jep Buch, commented,
“Thank you for a successful event yesterday. It really added some extra layers to my knowledge of resume writing, which will certainly help me in my future search for project. That there was both a general and personal review of the CV was a really good idea. "

Apr 2019

Another strong recruiter joined Accuro’s recruitment team

We are very excited about welcoming Recruitment Specialist Camilla Bundgaard to our freelance recruitment team. In this position, Camilla focuses on finding and attracting the best SAP and IT specialists for projects at our Nordic customers. Camilla has a background from IT Recruiting, where she has been recruiting IT freelancers from all over Europe.

You can reach Camilla on and (+45) 5230 1648.

Jan 2019

Internal workshop on communication and cooperation

Over the past four months, Team-Accuro has participated in workshops, organized in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute. This weekend we finished the course at Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen.

The theme of the workshop was communication and collaboration, and we had the pleasure of having Sagar Constantin as our facilitator. Sagar inspired and engaged us with her knowledge of the brain and how it works. Did you know that humans have a reptilian brain that thinks in battle, flight and freeze if we do not receive trust and confidence? This and much more was new knowledge to us.

At the workshop we also worked with our personality types. We got to know what kind of personality we each have and how the different personalities work together. It was both fun and instructive.

We ended this phenomenal workshop as an even stronger team, more aware of each other's strengths and differences.

Jan 2019

We launched a brand-new business concept

We were proud to present our new business model where we, as the only company in the industry, offer one portal to a range of recruitment opportunities - we call it a full palette of recruitment services.

In addition to recruiting external freelance consultants, we now also offer recruitment to permanent positions through the department, Search & Selection. We tailor all recruitment processes to fit your business needs, and we oversee the entire hiring process of your new colleague. We have experienced Senior Recruitment Specialists on our team who are keen to find the resources that you require.

Through Accuro Ukraine we continue to offer Nearshoring services either onsite or remote. As something new, we also offer Recruiting Services, which is for companies that need to sharpen their internal resources with our experience. We talk to you about your needs and provide onsite advice on your business.

With Accuro’s new business model we can be your single point of contact within recruitment. That is why we now call ourselves SAP and IT Recruitment Partner. We are proud of this because it is a partnership that we are fully committed to - both to our clients and to our consultants.

Jan 2019

Welcome to Finlay Napier

With Senior Recruitment Specialist, Finlay Napier we have strengthened our new Search & Selection department.

Finlay is a talented and experienced master in IT recruitment. He has worked as a recruitment specialist for the past seven years and for 12 years as a career advisor. Finlay holds a master’s in psychology and business economics.

Finlay has already started the process of matching candidates with permanent positions at some of Denmark’s most prominent SAP and IT companies. We are very happy to have Finlay on board our team!

Finlay can be contacted at and (+45) 5230 6940.

Dec 2018

We have been awarded Børsen Gazelle five years in a row

We are proud and pleased to also be able to call ourselves Børsen Gazelle in 2018. It is the fifth year in a row that Team-Accuro gets this award. The award is a result of dedication, hard work and commitment by our fantastic team of employees.

The award show was held at the Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen. It was a fun afternoon with interesting debates, a visit by the prime minister, music and performance and, of course, confetti.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and consultants for the good cooperation the past year. Thank you.

Dec 2018

Thanks for a great Christmas party

Accuro's Christmas party was once again held at the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel in the most beautiful settings. We invited our freelance SAP and IT consultants placed through Accuro the past year.

SALT Kitchen provided a delicious Christmas buffet. There was live music, dancing and - most importantly – the best Christmas spirit.

Thank you so much to all of you who participated. We enjoyed having all of you there.

Oct 2018

Are you in control of your pension? Accuro winds up the retirement nodes.

As an independent consultant, it can be difficult to figure out your retirement. That's why we teamed up with Pension For Selvstændige. Chief consultants, Thomas Ryborg and Mikkel Ravn guided us all through the pension's ABC. We ended the evening with good food, drinks and networking.

Thank you to the attendees for participating and a big thanks to Pension For Selvstændige for making us aware of how to best understand the options we have in retirement.

Sep 2018

First internal workshop was a success

We have had the best day. Today we started an internal workshop that the Danish Technological Institute created for us. The theme of the day was branding and communication. Leon Birdi guided us safely through the day.

It was an incredibly fun, creative and challenging day full of punchlines, value propositions and pitches.

Thanks to Leon for a great day and thank you to the entire team for your commitment!

Jul 2018

Accuro opens a Search and Selection department offering permanent placement for consultants

With Camilla Nøhr as Senior Recruitment Manager, Accuro begins a new recruiting chapter for permanent employment through the department, Search & Selection, which Camilla is in charge of.

Camilla has nine years of experience in recruitment, especially within IT, and she has recruited key employees for some of the largest Danish and international companies. She has a solid understanding for the companies needs and many years of experience within HR consulting.

We are proud that Camilla has become a part of our team and we look forward to the continuous development of Camilla's department.

Are you and your company seeking a new colleague? Camilla can be contacted at or (+45) 5230 6511.

Jun 2018

Say hi to our Marketing & Communications Manager

With the appointment of Josefine Frederiksen as new Marketing & Communications Manager, we have made a strategic choice to focus more on marketing activities.

Josefine has extensive experience in developing and implementation marketing strategies. With a Cand. Mag. in Danish and Communication, she is keen on good dissemination. Josefine comes from a similar position in a large, international business network.

At Accuro, Josefine will pull in the SoMe strings and plan and coordinate future events and meetings, both the professional and the social ones.

Josefine can be contacted on or (+45) 6112 0960.

May 2018

Welcome to Jesper Bøttiger

Welcome to Jesper Bøttiger, who has become part of Accuro's strong freelance recruitment team. As a Recruitment Specialist Jesper recruits SAP and IT consultants for projects with our Scandinavian customers.

He has many years of experience within sales from the IT industry as well as a unique insight into the development processes in the IT departments from previous hirings in several software companies. This gives Jesper a clear understanding of the companies' needs for recruiting specialists with the skills to tie IT and business together.

Jesper can be contacted at or (+45) 5230 6917.