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Our consultants are also our customers

Our consultants are Accuro’s most important asset. It is their solutions, their understanding of customer needs, and their ability to participate in the collaborative process that are the tangible expression of Accuro quality and business value.
For this reason, our standards are extremely high with regard to the level and quality of our selection process and task matching.

Apart from the basic fact that our freelance consultants must be highly proficient and live up to our competency standards, we also insist that they share the Accuro culture of meticulousness, trust and respect for value-adding solutions in every single assignment. Our freelance consultants know this, and it increases our value to them because we provide them with professionally challenging and interesting assignment offers from customers with very high quality standards.

Our freelance consultants all have more than 10 years of expert-level experience and an average of 17 years of professional work experience. Many are senior consultants, and all are top-grade experts within their specialties. This has enabled us to establish a completely unique and strong teamwork with our consultants, based on mutual loyalty and openness. It is our quality guarantee to our customers.